D&D 5e Ravenloft

Session #2

Exploration of the basement begins

TL;DR An elf is possessed by the ghost of an 11 year old girl and none of the group members can tell the difference. The dwarven cleric finds divine inspiration in dark places. And, after a surprise attack by a swarm of many-legged-danger-noodles, the dog doesn’t make it

A very odd dream

Picking up from the prior session, our intrepid adventurers spend the night in Rose and Thorn’s bedroom where it did not seem to phase our brave fellows to be sleeping in the same room with two dead bodies and their ghost. The night was filled with strange goings on within the house, but no incident within the room. Just prior to dawn, the two children started asking those on guard if they will be leaving in the morning. When it is confirmed that the adventurers would be moving on, the children panic; they try to possess them but their guard was up, and so they entered the two closest sleeping adventurers, twisting their personalities.

Exploration of the remainder of the house

In a storeroom, near the children’s bedroom, the dead body of the Nursemaid is found, with multiple obvious stab wounds found in her skeletal chest. Upon disruption of the body, her Spectre is released with a blind and voracious fury nearly resulting in our first Deceased Player Character before she was released from her ethereal torture by a well placed Moonbeam spell followed by only a cry of “Walter” A nearby baby’s room and crib is found, but there is only a vanishing glimpse of a dead baby. Afterwards, the group make their first foray into the basement.

Into the basement

Exploration of the basement begins, and what is discovered, is that this is not a simple basement. There entire area is large, there is a background of faint chanting, and there are multiple corridors and living quarters below ground. Also discovered are the empty crypts for Gustav Durst, Elisabeth Durst, Rosavalda Durst, Thornbolt Durst, and Walter Durst. The quick thinking dwarf cleric concludes that a proper burial of the children’s remains may release their possession of his comrades. He performs a brief, yet divinely inspired internment for Thorn. After seeing the immediate effect, the Elven rogue asks for similar treatment, but the dwarf states that he prefers to see the Elf behave with a girly personality to match his girly appearance. Not to be outdone, the Elf buries Rose himself, which frees her from his psyche.

The party finds a swarm of insects, which the Dwarven Cleric cursedly names “Many-Legged-Danger-Noodles” within these crypts which leads to the first death of the party, Milo Saggywacker’s beloved Mastiff, Buttercup. Though, not a proper Player Character (PC), Buttercup will be added to the List of Deceased Player Characters to commemorate the first death within the party. The party chooses not to carry the corpse of this pup out with them.


The group discovers a dining hall, with another dead adventurer’s body. They conclude that the body appears to match a similar level of decay as the adventurer found in the house. They also discover the monster that killed this poor chap, and a battle ensues, which our party emerges the victor. After the Dwarven Cleric dissects this beast looking for clues, he dubs this version of monster a “Danger Tube”.

Our session ends with the group exploring a hallway where the background chanting seems louder and as they approach, 4 sets of decayed hands begin to claw up from the ground towards them.



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