D&D 5e Ravenloft

Session #3

There's no "I" in Team

TL;DR Exploration of the first level of the dungeon in The Death House continues. Carric Oakenheel fears a pack of Ghouls into two other rooms full of mobs and nearly wipes the party after a brilliant bout of stategery results in splitting the party. A lone survivor (Svatela) from another recent group of adventurers joins the group.

The dungeon crawl

Our session began with a pack of Ghouls crawling out of the ground right in front of our brave adventurers. Immediately, Carric Oakenheel) is successful in channeling his divine power and turning these horrid undead down two unexplored halls. One of the running Ghouls is easily dispatched, but only after paralyzing Steve Moonbeam. Then the group split in two as one group chased down one hall and the other down a different hall. In the chaos of battle, our group is joined by a newcomer, a death domain cleric who later reveals himself to be Svatela.

As Eryn chases down a ghouls down one hall, he realizes that the fleeing ghoul has alerted a pack of Shadows, but not before he launches an arrow at the Ghoul, breaking it from it’s undead turning. Shortly after, this Ghoul connects with it’s wretched claws to paralyze Steve Moonbeam.

Another group chases down the opposite hall, pulling back a separate Ghoul as the second in this group continues to flee around a blind corner away from the group.

Now, with a battle on two fronts, there is an attempt to retreat, bravely pulling the paralyzed wizard to the the safety of the back of the group. Holing up in an old dining area, Eryn throws up a barricade with a very large table. A couple rounds later, brave Steve Moonbeam pulls from his paralyzed state and realizes that the remainder of the group is trapped on the other side of the table, so he pulls it down in order to rejoin the fight.

As the fight ensues, the remaining Ghoul that had fled, returns with two Ghasts in tow; apparently it’s flight had alerted these undead as well. As these Ghasts come into view, they are recognizable as the undead forms of Gustav and Elisabeth Durst.

During the fight, there are various moments of success, and failure. Aaachkt craftily forms an illusion which confuses the enemies a few times; probably saving his skin by doing so. However, the Shadows prove to be a difficult enemy to best. Spell attacks by Svatela are found to be completely ineffective, and all melee attacks are resisted.

As the battle rages, two members are knocked out, Killian and Carric Oakenheel. However, on the verge of final death, the party prevails in time and are able to stabilize their fallen.

A new member and finally some loot

Svatela introduces himself as a member of a similar group that was also brought to this land by The Mists. He is the only survivor and his description of his lost party members match the bodies found previously in The Death House. He tells the party of stairs near where he met the party which lead down. He has not explored on his own for fear of the louder chanting coming from below.

At the conclusion of the session, a trunk is found which holds some much needed treasure in the form of a magic cloak, a few healing potions, alchemist fire, and a spellbook.

It is here that the party took a much needed rest. But, is that one more chest I see that was not noticed?

And, is it safe to rest here?


Hey guys…sounds like you had a fun time…sorry I couldn’t make it. I didn’t get the text until about 9:00 or so with an email to send my character to so, sorry about that, too…but, thanks for the offer!

Fear not, though, Milo Saggywacker will return to avenge Buttercup and smite evil next session!!

Session #3

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