D&D 5e Ravenloft

Session #4

Run away!

TL;DR The party makes it to a ritual chamber where they are commanded by the spirits of long dead cultists that “ONE must die!”. Before understanding the depth of this command, the party denies the cultists their sacrifice, thus summoning Lorgoth the Decayer who decides that they ALL must die! The session ends at a stalemate in battle, but not before 3 party members go down; one dies, yet to be touched by The Dark Powers who resurrects Grom of Nesmé.

The Reliquary

Starting the session, the group goes down the stairs where the chanting has been coming from. As they descend, the chanting takes form as a rhythmic and repeated chant of “He is the Ancient. He is the Land.”

At the bottom the stairs, they find a large room with 8 pillars and 13 niches within the walls. Within those niches, they find 13 seemingly random items. The party does not investigate any further.

The Prison

From the Reliquary, the party enters a small hallway, where they find a rune etched into the floor. Gemini’ decides to casually walk across it, finding that she is hit by an icy beam of energy. Recovering from this, they enter the Prison to find the body of a long dead cultist chained to the wall. They also find a secret door, which they enter, taking them into the Ritual Chamber.

The Ritual Chamber

Upon entering the Ritual Chamber, the chanting of “He is the Ancient. He is the Land.” Suddenly stops. They find a very large chamber. They are on a ledge 5 feet up and extending over their side and the opposite side of the wall. Below this, they find 2 feet of murky dark water, with a large octagonal dais rising up in the center. Upon the dais is an alter that is obviously covered in what appears to be old dried blood. Chains hang down from the tall ceiling over the alter.

Eryn boldly enters the room and steps upon the dais in order to investigate further. Upon stepping on the dais, the chanting resumes, but now to the chant of “One must die!”. Also, 13 dark apparitions in dark robes appear floating in the air. An attempt to attack them reveals that they are incorporeal.

Carric Oakenheel explodes a sacred flame upon their alter, destroying it and then Eryn steps off the dais. Denying the cult of their demanded sacrifice, their chant changes to " Lorgoth the Decayer, we summon thee!" and then a large shambling mound surprises the group with a brutal attack on Eryn, instantly knocking him out and then engulfing him.

Bravely, Grom of Nesmé is able to pull Eryn out of the shambling mound before he could be fully consumed. Later on, he is able to summon the will to return to consciousness.

The party continues an attempt to take down the large shambling mound. In the process, Steve Moonbeam easily goes down and then is engulfed. And, again, a party member bravely pulls him out from certain death. This time, by Carric Oakenheel. Behind the scenes, Killian sneaks around the chamber… to find no hint of treasure…

However, bold Grom of Nesmé finds Lorgoth the Decayer to be a juggernaut of death and is fully consumed within the shambling mound. As Grom feels his soul separate from this existence, he experiences the horrible reality of this place. His soul can not move on. With this realization, he experiences a supernatural presence that introduces itself as The Dark Powers. They offer to bring him back… but at a price. Grom accepts, and finds himself infused with an extreme strength that allows him to pull himself out of the behemoth shambling mound. However, as his senses return to him, he finds that where his eyes once were, there are now only deep empty sockets. He finds that he has a surreal connection to Lorgoth, and that even though he has no eyes, he “sees” in a blind fashion that he feels akin to the shambling mound’s vision. He is also overtaken by an extremely deep sense of apathy as he realizes the futility of existing in this forsaken land.

After a lengthy brawl with a seemingly invincible mound of rotting death, they finally separate the group behind a portcullis. The session pauses here as the party realizes that either, they find a smarter way to slowly take down this lumbering beast, or run away and see if they can find a different way out of this Death House



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